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Jake Creed Davis

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SAN ANTONIO - I have followed Jake Creed Davis on Facebook ever since he began posting in 2017 as a young pup. I thought it was about time Construction News did an interview with an animal since so many in this industry have them. His Mom, Michelle Seward Davis, Joeris General Contractors, and Dad, Ben Davis, Beck Companies, are longtime friends, so I asked if they minded. No problem they said, so I sat down with Jake one afternoon at his home. –Buddy Doebbler, Publisher




CN: Jake, first let me say I have enjoyed watching you grow up on your Facebook (FB) page. Why did you decide to setup your page?

Jake: As a pup, I was influenced by the mischievous Barney Bush with his own website despite Putin’s thoughts that world leaders should only own large, robust dogs. Unlike Barney, I am not into biting reporters, so you don’t need to worry Mr. Buddy. So, back to your question, I would like the world to understand the adventurous and loving life of a Boykin, so I started with FB and later want to write childhood books based on my two nicknames, Hollywood and Jake from State Farm.

CN: It appears some of your earliest interests at home have been toilet paper and skunks. What was the fascination with both?

Don’t forget squirrels, birds, deer, cats, lizards, bugs, ice cubes, door bells and bags. All of them have a distinct smell, taste, and/or sound depending on the level of engagement. I rank the skunk and toilet paper a 10. It’s apparent my parents don’t appreciate my ability to decorate along with adding new scents to the house. They may come around one day.   

CN: I also noticed you have a knack for finding birds and other animals around the house your Mom and Dad just can’t see. What makes you so keen on this?

As you know, I am a hunting dog, so I think this comes naturally. I come from a great breeding line of hunters and hope to live up to the high ranks of my birth Mom, Avery. I need to convince them I am not having a crazy moment when I get locked on barking, scratching, digging and growling. I promise you there is something currently living under the deck. 

CN: I have to laugh at your comments when you get in trouble? Parents just don’t understand.  Have you outgrown that phase?

Jake: I’m trying to work on this by allowing them to see the fun from my point of view and remind them of their own childhood. I’m pretty sure my Dad toilet papered a house in his youth.  Mom is quick to forgive, all I do is look sad, but don’t tell her my trick.   

CN: It appears you have been in some sort of training most of your life. What is your favorite sport?

Jake: Right now, I am perfecting the art of leaping off the deck onto the squirrels that pester me. I don’t understand their constant chatter, so I may need to add vermin talk to my training. I did jump out of the truck once after a quail and was given a 6.5 for dismount which led to me wearing a seat belt. Mom talks about safety often. I think it has to do with the construction industry. 

CN: I have seen photos of you on bird hunting trips all over the country with your fancy vest and bell.       What’s the best part of being a bird dog?

Jake: I’ve been hunting in Kansas (where I got my nickname Hollywood), West Texas and South Texas. I love finding the birds for Mom and especially Dad as he gets trigger happy in the field. Lots to look for. I’m still working on my retrieving skills and looking forward to opening day on Sept. 1st. My last trip was with Mom and her YaYas in search of quail and then we all hunted rocks. I love adventures!

CN: I also saw a photo of you and your Dad with an Aoudad sheep he shot in West Texas. Did you help him get that one?

Jake: I was very stealthy on the Aoudad hunt with Dad and Uncle Forrest unlike my previous adventure when Mom shot a cow Elk. I’m sometimes a big-time talker and just trying to communicate very important news. I’m trying to master my stalking, but I just get overly excited at times.  

CN: Just between you and me, Jake, who is the better shot your Mom or Dad?

Jake: You are trying to get me in trouble, Mr. Buddy. I would say they both have their own great days. Hope that answer works. Mom is the main treat giver in the family. 

CN: Since your trips are all over the country and you fly to get there, I just have to know –  coach or first-class?

Jake: Lucky enough to fly private so I don’t have to worry about being put in an overhead bin on a commercial flight.  I currently hold the record on one of the planes for the most dog farts (hope that isn’t a bad word). Mom learned that feeding me is no longer a preflight activity.  Ozone spray works wonders.

CN: It appears fishing adventures are something you also enjoy. Do you prefer saltwater or fresh?

I haven’t been fresh water fishing yet but it is good to drink. My tail really goes to wagging when a fish comes in the boat and flops around. I just want to play but sometimes they go back into the water and other times they go into a big white thing and thrash around. I don’t know why the fish get upset with being around all those yummy ice cubes. Hoping to fish with Captain Steve soon since he took me on my first trip.
CN: You have such a busy schedule.  I have seen lots of posts at Pawderosa Ranch.  Is that how you relax?

Jake: Pawderosa is the best place with the friendliest people, including all my pup friends. They help me with my basic manners, new tricks and love the agility course. Mom is afraid if I stayed at home by myself, we wouldn’t have a house anymore. I don’t think the two skunk episodes helped.

CN: Career decisions are always important. Have you decided if you want to be in the construction industry like your parents or just be a hunter?

Jake: I love visiting their offices. Everyone seems very happy to see me and giving me lots of love. I guess humans get tired of being around each other all the time and need a fury and spastic diversion. Even though I have my own PPE, I don’t think the construction industry is ready for dogs. Plus, I am still young in being a hunter and have lots to learn.       

CN: Since I have known your Mom and Dad for years, I suspect you are a very patriotic pup. How and when do you show this the most?

Jake: For a pup, patriotism can mean wearing red, white and blue, attending parades and giving extra kisses to all those that have served this great country. Mom has taught me to sit up straight during the National Anthem and always remember to be respectful of others. I’m really hoping to catch a 4th of July parade this year. 

CN: I have enjoyed this interview. Jake. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you for the interview. Just remember your fury pets during these very hot summer months. Cracked windows in the car are not enough. Shade is a must when outside. Dogs and cats also get sunburns – early morning walks to avoid burned foot pads. We need lots of cold water including those yummy ice cubes and if you have any extra venison, please call me.

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