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Call your cousin

image Patricio Cuellar (blue shirt) and crew workers.

SAN ANTONIO - They would call his dad “primo,” meaning cousin in Spanish. “That’s his nickname,” said Primo Painting Project Manager Luis Cuellar.






    Patricio Cuellar, also known as “primo,” is the founder/owner of the company that has been around since 1989.
    Luis recalls working with his father in the summers. He explains that his father never really wanted him to paint, but wanted him to prep. “The reason he said this is that anybody can paint, but you have to know how to prep. Over the summers he would take me with him and I’ve been around it all my life,” said Luis.
    Once he was prepped, Luis began to paint around 2004-05. He remembers when he first started working at Primo Painting there was a “huge project” they had to undertake. “We’ve done a lot of projects at [Six Flags] Fiesta Texas.” He adds they have also done work with the Alamo Colleges, but the most challenging yet was the project he referred to as the “huge project,” which turned out to be painting a building 360. 
    The Primo Painting painters average between seven to eight crewmembers. As project manager, Luis says that the crewmembers know exactly what they need to do to get the job done. “A lot of the guys have a lot of experience.” Even when a challenge arises such as correlating schedules, trying to get everybody at the right place, at the right time; they know how to overcome it.
    Did you know the painting industry gets a makeover too? Due to the painting advancements with products, Luis believes there are a lot of products that are coming and making their job a little bit easier.
    So, aside from their internal performances, the company is also expanding externally with their warehouse. Luis said they are, “trying to expand things and maintain the workflow.”
    Nonetheless, Patricio’s vision for his company has painted themselves a well-deserved portrait to hang.
    Primo Painting is a commercial and residential painting contractor in San Antonio. –lv

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