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A family tradition

image L-R: Leslie Christians, Chris Christians IV, Kevin Brown

SAN ANTONIO - On the second Tuesday of each month, Lynwood Building Materials has their customer appreciation day; sometimes breakfast, sometimes lunch. With summer in full swing, Popsicles was the theme in June and will be in July for Lynwood customers. So, visit Lynwood in July and grab a Popsicle (or two) on your way out.




    Lynwood opened for business on Oct. 1, 1980 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the nationally acclaimed lathing and plastering contracting company, Chris B. Christians, Inc., founded in 1910. Christians’ business experienced continued growth during the early ‘50s with the addition of his sons, C.A. (Sonny) and J.W. (Buddy), to the family company. The Christians brothers continued to expand and diversify with the purchase of Lynwood Brick and Tile in 1974.
    After briefly leasing the property to another brick company, the Christians reacquired the yard at Lynwood and supplemented it with additional materials inventory. Shortly thereafter, they decided to separate the material sales from the contracting company, thus Lynwood Building Materials came into existence.
    Chris Christians III, owner, CEO and grandson of Chris B. Christians, oversees Lynwood operations from his ranch in Yancy. The newest generation, his children, Chris Christians IV, Vice President, and Leslie Christians, Assistant Manager, run the in-house operations along with Kevin Brown, General Manager.
    “You couldn’t work with a nicer, better group of people than the Christians,” says Brown, whose been with Lynwood for 28 years.
    For sure, the Christians business is a long time family tradition,  108 years as of 2018.
    The name “Lynwood” came from the previous Christians’ business located on Lynwood Street in San Antonio.  Lynwood Street and surrounding streets were named after a suburb of Los Angeles.  –rd
    Lynwood Building Materials is a materials supplier in San Antonio serving Austin and South Texas.

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