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Not your father’s demo

image Timothy Ramon, president of JR Ramon Demolition

SAN ANTONIO - When WW II hero Joe Ramon Sr. came back from the Pacific in 1945 (Iwo Jima, to be precise), he bought a dump truck and a backhoe and started grading and paving roads in San Antonio.






    In 1968, Ramon Sr. was asked to clear out some old streets and houses to make way for the HemisFair ‘68 project. Shortly thereafter, demolition became the main focus of Ramon’s company, which now included his sons, Joe Ramon Jr. and Robert Ramon. The company was registered with the State of Texas as J.R. Ramon & Sons, Inc. The company is now known amongst the construction world JR RAMON Demolition.
    Grandson Timothy began working with Joe Jr., at an early age, every weekend and summer. He remembers working on equipment as young as 8 years old.
    “Dad wouldn’t babysit me; he’d send me off with a crew,” Tim recalls.
    Joe Jr. took over for Joe Sr. in 1986. Now it was time for Tim to take over the family business and let his father retire. Tim became president of JR RAMON in 2015.
    “Technologies, techniques and equipment [for the demolition industry] have grown leaps and bounds throughout the past 30-40 years,” Tim said.
    Some “old school” principals and procedures of demolition, such as recycling as much materials as possible, have expanded with the use of modern equipment and technologies. For instance, RAMON operates its own concrete recycling plant, which produces a crushed aggregate that other companies buy for road or building projects.
    JR RAMON owns and operates state-of-the-art demolition equipment. Their involvement with the National Demolition Association keeps them on the cutting edge of demolition techniques and up to date with the latest safety standards.
    From Joe Sr. to Joe Jr. and a handful of helpers, JR RAMON now has around 65 full-time employees and will expand during heavy, seasonal work.
    Tim develops a new business plan every five years in order to stay on top of technological and other changing dynamics. “Our company has been in operation for over seven decades by maintaining the balance between providing a specialized service yet remaining adaptable to conform to economic and industry trends,” Tim said.
    “[Demolition is] not glamorous work but it’s rewarding work when it’s all said and done,” he added. It’s also not your father’s (or grandfather’s) work, as it has evolved into a very exacting skill that can take years to master.
    JR RAMON is a full-service demolition company serving south and central Texas. -dsz

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