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Straight shooter

image Leo Neal, founder and owner of Alpha and Omega Flooring

SAN ANTONIO - Leo Neal, founder and owner of Alpha and Omega Flooring, tells it like it is. He’s fond of the phrase, “To be honest with you.”







    The Alabama native got his start in woodworking as a youth. He worked for a company in the Yellowhammer State who sent him to interior decorating and woodworking schools in Florida.
    Working for other companies gained Neal valuable experience. But, to be honest with you, he figured out somewhere along the line that it simply paid better to work for yourself.
    “I worked for so long for somebody else, I said [to myself] I can make a dollar or two for myself.”
    Neal and his wife had a son working in San Antonio, and after being in California for a spell, they decided to come here and eventually start Alpha and Omega Flooring. For one reason, he worked for someone else, but it wasn’t a good experience.
    Neal said he’s also done a lot of work in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.
    Alpha and Omega Flooring got its name because Neal says it’s the first and last word in flooring until it wears out.
    Installing floors can be hard work, but Neal said, “Once you get involved, it’s not a job. A job is hard. It’s not hard for me.”
    One of Neal’s favorite types of wood floors to install is the herringbone design. He does more installing than he does maintenance. He’s particular about making sure the room temperature is set correctly for the installation to be just right.
    Neal is the sole employee of Alpha and Omega. “I do it myself,” but he’ll enlist for help if the job requires it.
    In terms of the future, Neal will continue as a flooring contractor as long as he can do it. He’s “going to work until it’s all gone.”
    Working for yourself is the only way to go. To be honest with you, Neal wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Alpha and Omega Flooring is a full-service floor installation and repair company in San Antonio. -dsz

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