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In balance

image RSM’s Denise Bendele

SAN ANTONIO - RSM US LLP, the nation’s fifth largest public accounting firm, came to San Antonio in August 2016 after acquir-ing local firm Padgett Stratemann & Co. RSM, which boasts around 9,000 employees, may be large in size, but it also focuses largely on construction industry clients. Today, 150 of those RSM employees work in the firm’s San Antonio office, where partner Denise Bendele, Tom Wright, Leslie Garcia and Cyndi Mergele make up the office’s construction leadership team.


   Their help isn’t limited to the office, how-ever; RSM’s annual conferences in San Antonio (and Austin, which is scheduled for Jun. 19) are a valuable resource for con-tractors.
   “We really strive to bring national-level and local speakers to go over industry, accounting, consulting and tax matters affecting contractors,” Bendele says. ”A big topic that we are working on is helping contractors implement a new accounting standard around revenue recognition, which all contractors will have to implement by 2019.”
    Stewardship is also an important focus for RSM, which supports charities at a local and national level – and not just financially. Company members sit on several philanthropic boards and employees use “volun-teer days” to help the charity of their choice.
    “Our culture has always been to provide quality service to our team and our clients,” Bendele adds. “We want to be first-choice advisors to our clients, which means we have a deep understanding of their industry – in this case, construction – that we’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Our team is highly trained and versed on these issues. We really strive to help our clients with their businesses.”
    RSM is a nationwide audit, tax and consulting service provider. –mjm

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