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Onward and upward

image L-R: Kyle Dausin, Bruce Weinstrom and Gary Bailey

SAN ANTONIO - A new generation is carrying on the traditions and trades of the industry. Take a look at Dausin Electric, a 34-year family-owned business that is still ongoing.






    Kyle Dausin is a project manager who grew up around the men who have been with the company since he had been skateboarding around the shop. He visually learned how jobs are put together and how people interact with one another from the bottom to the top of the totem pole. Now he’s progressed to where he is getting ready to start taking over for his father, Ronnie Dausin.
    Shea Shiley, the business development manager at Dausin, said there is a vast majority of employees that are newer, but there are still a lot of guys who have been there for 15-plus years. “What we found is the pairing of them together is pretty unstoppable,” said Shiley. He explains that having guys with an incredible wealth of knowledge in electricity and then having new guys that have evolved into the new teachings of technology go hand-in-hand. Dausin expressed how nice it has been to see everyone produce a full circle effect. Last year they had three more guys receive their master’s license.
    The company’s safety director, Gary Bailey, makes sure that the guys are thoroughly trained in all safety processes. “Gary has established himself in the construction industry, as well as somebody who is always on the look out for the treatment of our employees,” said Shiley.
    Shiley came from the corporate world before working for Dausin Electric. Even though he’s only been with the company for a year he said his takeaway is the “loyalty.” He expressed that if someone were to get sick in the company; you’ll see people checking in to make sure you are okay or Ronnie’s reaching out making sure everything can be taken care of. “It’s not just the Dausin family, it extends to the entire workforce.” 
    With 34 years of business, there has been time to create traditions. Dausin tells us about the tradition his father has kept going and how it is being instilled into the new group of guys. Whenever they have a meeting and someone out of the group has received their license or graduated, the company has a “tamale celebration.”  Who doesn’t like tamales?
    Another tradition in the trade is bringing up the guys to be prideful of their work. “Our guys think of it as artwork rather than actual pipe and wire,” said Dausin.
    Outside of work and within the community they are involved with the local FFA and 4H. When Dausin was a young boy he was involved with FFA and 4H.
He remembers visiting jobs with his dad on a Saturday or tending to the cattle. “Pop grew up on the farms and helping out with his family members. He’s instilled those virtues and that work ethic,” said Dausin. The company is also involved with Boysville Inc. and the ABC South Texas Chapter.
    On April 18 Dausin Electric held their customer appreciation steak luncheon at MacArthur Park. Bruce Weinstrom is their chief estimator and chief on the grill.
    Right now the team has much to look forward to.  As spring hits and summer makes its way, everyone is looking forward to the upcoming work.
    Dausin Electric is an electrical contractor in San Antonio. –lv

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