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Ready for it

image Reesie and Audie Howell

SAN ANTONIO - Audie Howell remembers the rush he felt when he first took the controls of a crane. He was 16 years old then, working for his dad’s crane company, and was, as he says, “ready for it, and took right to it.” The rush was enough to make him want to start Howell Crane & Rigging Inc. with his dad and another partner, Bill Cravens, in 1982.




    Thirty-six years later, Howell, who now serves as company president, is still ready for anything the crane and rigging business has for him. He says he has patiently weathered the industry’s “ups and downs” while growing the company to 65 employees. The number of branches has grown as well; Howell Crane & Rigging Inc. maintains its original San Antonio (Converse) location, and in the last three years added Austin and Dallas branches. Howell said his next goal is to eventually open a small branch in Corpus Christi so that his company will have all major Texas markets covered.
    No matter how much the company changes and grows, Howell’s dad’s influence is still very much a part of the business. Howell even finds that his approach to running the company is similar to his father’s.
    “He’s the one who kind of trained me in this business and I saw how he ran a business,” Howell explains.
    Two of Howell’s own children – daughter Courtney Bennett and son Audie Howell Jr. – are the third generation training in the family business. Howell, who is married to wife Reesie, says he sees a bit of himself in Audie Jr., who first operated a crane when he was 14 years old and has worked with the company since he was 16. Obviously, feeling the rush runs in the family.
    “He does good!” Howell acknowledg-es with a chuckle.
    Howell Crane & Rigging offers crane and rigging services and equipment rental. –mjm

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