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Golden rule construction

image Dennis Yanowski, division president, Marek Brothers Systems Inc., San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO - Dennis Yanowski, division president of Marek Brothers Systems in San Antonio, is clear from where the company gets it founding philosophy. The original founders, John L., Bill and Ralph, knew from the beginning to value hard work, good morals, to take care of those who take care of you, and to treat the customer well.





    It’s the Golden Rule of construction.
    “Construction is not rocket science,” Yanowski said. “Relationships are so important.”
    The Houston native actually went to school with the second generation Mareks, Paul, Bruce and Stan. The Mareks were big supporters of many of the catholic churches’ and schools’ events, and Yanowski always saw their trucks there. That led him to land a job with the company in 1977 as a timekeeper, who helps monitor costs and budgets the work.
    Marek opened a San Antonio office in the early ‘80s and Yanowski came to the Alamo City in 1987.
    “This is a great community to work at. I mean that,” he said. “A handshake is as good as a contract.”
    “In our 80th year, we have never failed a job or not finished a contract,” Yanowski proudly states.
    Taking care of its employees has been a hallmark of Marek since its inception. “Our strength is the guys in the field. We provide careers instead of jobs.”
    The 200 San Antonio employees’ biggest job to date was the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The Atlanta office recently did the new Mercedes-Benz stadium roof, home of the Atlanta Falcons.
    Ever-changing technology is an industry-wide challenge, creating “new opportunities as well as challenges to stay current, and offer the best services to our clients,” he said.
    What hasn’t—and won’t—change is how Marek treats their people and customers. And, they “get a lot of pleasure from working with others with similar mindsets,” Yanowski said.
    That Golden Rule thing works.
    Marek Brothers Systems Inc., is a drywall, acoustical ceiling/sound control and metal stud framing business in Houston, Austin, Dallas San Antonio, Harlingen (TX) and Atlanta (GA).-dsz

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