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15 years of indoor comfort

image Front: Betsy Rosenberg Back L-R: Tom Hull, Michael and Lee Rosenberg

SAN ANTONIO - In 1986, Michael Rosenberg’s parents, Lee and Betsy, started a company called Metrotex Service Company that provided service, maintenance and replacement of both heating and air conditioning equipment for commercial and residential clients. In 1998 after building up the business, they decided to sell the business to a consolidator.




    Even though, Michael, his parents and their service manager Tom Hull stayed with the new company for several years, the dream of having their own business did not die. “In 2003, we decided we wanted to start over again have our own business,” says Rosenberg.
    “In 2003, we put a business plan together, bought seven trucks, got a loan and started over again and Rosenberg Indoor Comfort was born. Now we are up to 21 trucks and pretty much do the same thing we did in the old days – all service, maintenance and replacement.”
    The company started out with 10 employees and today there are 36 of the most amazing employees, according to Rosenberg, the company’s president.
    On Mar. 1, the company celebrated 15 years in business with a catered lunch from La Fagotta’s for all of their employees.
    Michael’s parents, Lee and Betsy, and Tom Hull are still involved in the company and look forward to continued steady and healthy growth. “We want to continue to grow, but not too fast. We want to continue to get our name out, grow, and keep a good reputation.  Reputation is so important and keeping our customers happy is what we aim for.”
    Rosenberg Indoor Comfort is a heating and air conditioning contractor in San Antonio. -cmw

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