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Fabricating a future

image Edgar Gutierrez, owner of GTZ Machine & Welding, and daughter/office manager Jennifer.

SAN ANTONIO - GTZ Machine & Welding actually began as Gutierrez Machine Shop in Laredo, TX in 1989 by father Moises Gutierrez. For son Edgar, moving into welding came naturally.






    Now, as owner of GTZ Machine & Welding, Gutierrez runs his shop with the precision that he learned from his dad.
    Laredo is still the main hub of the business, with 10 employees down there, while four work in San Antonio.
    Eventually, all operations will come to San Antonio.
    This is because Gutierrez has an eye for the future. While welding in and of itself has stayed the same over the years, Gutierrez “wants to change with the times.”
    This will involve investing in robotic machinery, which are more precise. He has his eye on a couple of pieces of equipment that will do what he sees as the next wave of welding.
    Further, someday GTZ will be handed over to daughter Jennifer. The St. Mary’s University student will take her business management degree and use it to be the third generation of Gutierrez running a business. Her vision includes being in charge of the whole fabrication process and not just installing what someone else has fabricated.
    As of now, Gutierrez is hands-on with every job. “I like to make sure it’s done right,” he said. But, eventually, he’d like to swing it to where he’s not needed on every site every day to provide oversight.
    GTZ is involved with several projects around town, including doing work at the AT&T Center.
    The future looks bright at GTZ, and is as secure as its welds.
    GTZ Machine & Welding is a welding and fabrication shop in San Antonio. –dsz

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