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A love affair with manufacturing

image The BG Metals family

SAN ANTONIO - When you walk into BG Metals you immediately get a sense that the people working here aren’t just employees, but they’re more like one big family. That’s exactly what President, Laura Gates and Vice President Burnell Gates consider their staff of 35 employees.




    “Our employees are family,” she said.
    BG Metals is what Laura describes as her and Burnell’s love affair. In 1980, they went into business together and got married, 38 years later they are still married and BG Metals is still going strong.
    They’ve managed to maintain a low employee turnover rate because their employees share the same love for their work at BG Metals, just as Laura and Burnell do.
    BG Metals is a member of ABC, ASA, and hold a woman-owned business status.
    As a sheet metal HVAC fabricator, they fabricate special projects too.
    You can see their fabrication and installation going on at USAA, University of Texas Health Science Center, three projects with the East Central School District and Bexar County.
    In order to keep things modern and up to date, the owners recently invited key employees to submit ideas and feedback about the changes happening within the company.
“We’ve recently updated our logo, website, and we’ve restructured a lot of our departments. All of us here at BG Metals are really excited about the changes!”
    The Gates’ went into business to build something for their family and now that their family extends beyond their two children, it extends to all 35 of their BG Metals staff.
    Laura acknowledges that she and Burnell are at a point where most begin to think about retirement, but she said that won’t happen anytime soon because they love what they do and can’t imagine life any other way.
    “Being an entrepreneur isn’t about making decisions only for yourself; it’s about making decisions that help everyone around you,” she said.    
    Of their 35 employees, some of them have brought their children on board to join the company too. The shop foreman, Tino Fonseca and his son Justino Fonseca, have worked for the company for over 10 years. With the camaraderie and dedication the employees show, it is no surprise the BG Metals family will continue to grow.
    Furthering the family appeal, one incentive the company also provides is educating their employees. They educate their employees with the help of The Wheels of Training program offered through ABC.  
    The Gates’ have also started up an organization they call Whetstone. It is an organization designed to form the man behind the businessman to his full potential. It is an organization that will help create a formalized and structured ministry focused on the spiritual development of businessmen and women. They’ve chosen a scripture for the organization – Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”
    BG Metals continues to be their love affair. 
    BG Metals is a sheet metal contractor. –lv

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