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O’er the Ram parts he watch

image The Ram Tool Construction Supply team

SAN ANTONIO - When Ram Tool Construction Supply Co. asked Steven Potter to serve as in-house branch manager for its San Antonio location, he knew he would feel at home. After all, Steven grew up working for his dad, Terry Potter, who ran Western Fastener. Terry, in turn, helped his son set up the Ram Tool branch nearly seven years ago.



    “I’ve been in construction since I graduated from A&M,” Steven says. “I love the casual atmosphere and the people who work in this industry. What I love about being a distributor and supplier is that I talk to up to 15 different people on job sites daily. I see many different problems and offer solutions. I enjoy the interaction, the change every day, the new scenarios as branch manager.”
    Steven especially enjoys showing newer salesmen the ropes. Of the branch’s 35 employees, he oversees 10 outside and five inside salesmen, an operations manager and assistant, dispatch and warehouse managers, drivers and warehouse personnel.
    “In the San Antonio/Austin market, we do a lot of what the rest of the Ram Tool branches do, which is general contractors and concrete contractors; we service those industries very well,” Steven says. “We also do mechanical, electrical and plumbing, more so than the average Ram Tool branch.“
    Ram Tool has grown to 37 locations, and Steven says the company’s 19th branch continues to evolve.
    “We’re still in market share growth phase. We’re focusing on our core business at this point and continuing to grow,” Steven says. “We are bringing on new product lines all the time and are evaluating things that are unique or new to the market. We look for opportunities we feel will help our customers, either with labor savings or solving job site problems. In general, it’s about helping customers and growing organically.”
    Ram Tool Construction Supply Co. is a service company for buyers of construction supplies. –mjm


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