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Coming full circle

image Pollock Construction Cleaning, LLC owner Carrie Pollock

SAN ANTONIO - Carrie Pollock, lives about one mile from where she was born and raised. In fact, Nacogdoches Road was just a two-lane country road. As a girl, she used to have a horse in her backyard and would ride it to the store.





    That was then.
    Now, Pollock owns Pollock Construction Cleaning, specializing in post-construction clean up. And, boy, has San Antonio grown.
    Pollock was a biology major at UTSA. After college, life took her to Dallas for the next 20 years. A friend of hers had a cleaning business and needed a partner. After a spell, Pollock decided this was something she could do on her own. Thus, back home to San Antonio she came, where one daughter could finish high school here. Pollock Construction Cleaning was born in 2007.
    The work is steady because Pollock will sometimes work with a single contractor who also has steady work. But she also gets calls from contractors out of the blue who want her service.
    One recent cleaning job was the new HEB on Alamo Ranch Parkway.
    While Pollock prefers work in town, a job is “never too big, never too small. I never turn down work,” she said.
    One of the most rewarding aspects of the business is seeing the buildings “come to fruition,” from being a hole in the ground to being finished with people working in them.
    She also “loves getting paid.”
    In terms of the future, Pollock would like to transition more into building maintenance. She is aiming for getting the contract for six businesses.
    Until then, post-construction cleaning is a sure thing, with its various components of the rough clean, final clean, then “powder puff” clean at the end.
    Yes, San Antonio sure has grown. And as long as there are new buildings, they will need to be cleaned. Good thing the local girl came home.
    Pollock Construction Cleaning is a post-construction cleaning business in San Antonio. –dsz

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