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Let the good times roll

image Philip, Iliana and Gene Burzynski

SAN ANTONIO - Going to work with dad is more than a cherished memory for Philip Burzynski, project manager for GB Contractors; it’s a permanent lesson.






    As Burzynski was completing school, he was also working with his father half days and full time in the summer. He says he was supposed to attend Madison high school, but was home schooled in order to finish school early and step into a full time role in construction. He officially started working with his father in ’95. 
    His anxiousness allowed him to explore every phase of construction. “After this many years, you know when something is not right, that is a benefit of being so fascinated with construction.” His father, Gene Burzynski, started working in the industry in the ‘70s. Philip adds his father always told him paying attention to details and quality are the two things that are going to set you apart from the rest.
    Philip remembers working together five years ago on a commercial project. They were under a tight deadline. Deadline felt even tighter when the 18-wheelers carrying the interior finish out materials started showing up. “I remember having to pull two days over night there. I stayed up all night long, dozing off and sleeping there. The next morning there was my dad ready to roll and pick everything right back up. It wasn’t even his project, but it was team work.” Philip laughs and says he’ll never forget seeing his father that next morning was like a ray of sunshine. “I thought, oh, thank God! I get to go home!”
    Well it looks like there may be more generations of GB Contractors to come. Phillip has four boys who may follow dad and grandpa’s roots. “Two of them are interested in construction and another likes to draw.” Philip has always told them they don’t have to follow the construction industry, but he has instilled the lessons his father taught him – the old school lessons.
    Family is GB Contractors with only four employees being Philips wife, Iliana, both Mr. Burzynski’s and one other hard working employee.
    This year the team is volunteering in Rockport and Ingleside on two projects. A friend of theirs had insisted they come on down and see if they could volunteer. There was another contractor who needed help so they went and became registered builders to help with Hurricane Harvey destruction. 
    “There was a widow that needed her home reconstructed. She had very limited income and insurance. We worked with locals and a local architect in San Antonio to come up with a design that worked for her. We are going to hit her budget with as much volunteer work as we can get.”
    GB Contractors have recently completed projects in Boerne and are working on both Perry Steakhouse locations in San Antonio. The company is also finishing up a private gym with all new plumbing, and electrical making the facility energy efficient along with a new parking lot.
    This year they are also putting in a little more effort into the residential side. Philip assures the company is not drifting away from commercial. He enjoys it too much.
    This group’s tenacity in construction is permanent. Let’s see what memories and lessons the year will bring.
    GB Contractors is a new construction and renovation contractor serving San
Antonio and surrounding areas. –lv

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