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Ice is nice

image Elizabeth and David Martinez, D&E Ice.

SAN ANTONIO - Can you imagine a world without ice? Neither could David Martinez, owner of D&E Ice. Along with his wife Elizabeth, Martinez started his cool company in 2009 after a 23-year career at Xerox.






    Martinez saw an ice machine one day and figured that he could fill a need in hot San Antonio delivering ice to construction crews out in the field. Or, to any event or business that needs ice, like weddings, churches, oil fields, even bars. The annual Gerlach Livestock Show for the Northside Independent School District was a big affair in January, which Martinez does every year.
    Since OSHA requires ice and water at work sites, Martinez stays busy delivering the goods. He specializes in those remote sites that are hard to get to, which makes it difficult for the workers to have access to ice.
    Martinez gets the request normally a few days prior to the need, then goes to his ice machines to fill up the fresh ice in 10 and 20lb bags, then hauls it out to the crews in his custom-built trailer.
    Some orders come from a contract, while others are a verbal and a handshake. “I still believe in my word,” Martinez says.
    In addition to ice, Martinez delivers water and sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. He’ll even do frozen ice pops if the customer requests them.
    Elizabeth takes care of all the bookkeeping, banking and admin that come from having one’s own company.
    A motorcycle enthusiast, Martinez rides his Harley as often as he can, weather permitting.
    Martinez responded to Rockport after Hurricane Harvey, bringing much-needed ice to relief workers and families, and will respond if another emergency arises.
    D & E Ice is an ice service located in San Antonio. –dsz

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