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On to the next generation

image Shawn and JR Murray

SAN ANTONIO - Born into the plumbing trade, Shawn Murray, owner and president of Murray Plumbing Co., will be a fifth-generation plumber when he earns his license. His family’s service in the plumbing industry spans over 100 years.





    The company was established in 2005 in Rockport, TX by Murray’s grandparents, James M. Murray and Zachie R. Murray with a paycheck and admirable persistence.  “They created a legacy for our family to build on.  I remember traveling down to Rockport with my mother almost every weekend to visit my father when he joined the company,” recalls Murray.
    In 2007, the company moved to San Antonio and like many great companies, it operated out of the family garage. Years passed with many obstacles along the way including the “great recession,” but the company prevailed and continued to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the industry.’
    “Understanding the requirements of the trade and our customers are sewn into the fabric of who we are. My late grandfather and father James R. Murray worked their whole life in this industry. Their persistence and strong work ethic grew this company and provided a sustainable foundation to build on,” says Murray. Growing up in the family business has given Murray a clear understanding of how the bigger picture and granular details work together to generate success. “My family drives my passion to deliver my highest performance day-to-day.
    “I worked with the company almost every school vacation growing up. My family worked so hard to create the opportunity for me to go to college. Throughout college I worked behind the scenes, focusing on the underlining managerial side of the business with the guidance of my finance professor, Dr. Robert Forrester. He invested extra hours in me and assisted me in my goals for the company. The guidance he provided continues to shape my mind and gives me the tools to run my business successfully. “
    A Cum Laude graduate from Midwestern State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Murray is currently a first-year plumbing apprentice in the PHCC apprenticeship program.  His father continues to work for the company as head of operations. “Our business relationship is based on trust and understanding of each other’s strengths. I am confident in having my father as a mentor who has ingrained the values and skills, passed down from generation to generation will continue to lead me in the right direction.”
    Murray Plumbing has grown substantially since its early days. Now 20 employees strong, Murray wants to continue the culture of family and purpose his grandfather worked so hard to build and will show appreciation to all his employees for all of their hard work with the return of warmer temperatures and company barbecues.
    Murray Plumbing Co. is a plumbing subcontractor in San Antonio. –cmw

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