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Keeping it going

image L-R: Eric Silvers, Jim Fillinger, David Fillinger and John Schuehle.

SAN ANTONIO - In 1984, four partners got together to form Sunbelt Mill Supply and began distributing industrial, contractor supplies, and safety products in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.






    The locally owned company continued to flourish through the years under the leadership of the four partners servicing clients in San Antonio, as well as South Texas.  A little over a year ago, three of the original partners decided they were ready to retire.  Jim Fillinger, one of the original partners, remains as an active partner along with new partners Eric Silvers, David Fillinger, and John Schuehle.
     “We are working partners,” says Silvers.  “We take orders, we make sales calls, and we’re out in the field.  We call on contractors and jobsites. We service industrial plants, the oilfield industry, and school districts. We want to know our customers and we want our customers to know us.”
    Though the company has been operating proficiently for over 30 years, the new partners would like to see the company grow at a steady pace and take it to a new level.  Recently, the company held a customer appreciation lunch and tool demonstration.
    “We have one of the most extensive lines of products in the area and offer great services, such as “FREE” deliveries via our own company trucks.
    “We’re here to stay.  We’re here to help our customers in any way we can.  We’re also big in safety and contractor supply products,” adds Silvers.
    In their spare time, the four partners along with other members of their crew enjoy the great outdoors.  “We enjoy hunting, fishing, and just about anything else outdoors.  And of course, we have kids that are in football, baseball, and other sports.  We just enjoy being outdoors.”
    Sunbelt Mill Supply is a supplier of industrial, contractor and safety products in San Antonio and surrounding areas. –cmw

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