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Getting to know you

image Owner, John Padia, Padia Construction

SAN ANTONIO - John Padia’s dad was a homebuilder and went to help his dad during summers to make a little extra cash. He learned a lot about construction. He learned the carpentry side of construction and the sheetrock side.





    Starting out as a laborer for different contractors doing a lot of multi-family work, he moved his way up to a labor foreman, then assistant, and then superintendent. 
    One year when work was slow he was laid off and began to get his own work. “I don’t know why but I kind of stuck with drywall. I guess I was more fascinated with it as far as the workmanship and the finishes.
    “It took a long time, a lot of years. I was real small at first, probably the first seven to eight years.  Within the last three to five years we’ve become more of a business,” says Padia.
    Padia started Padia Construction in 2004 after going to Lake Charles, LA chasing storm work.  With very few job offers for drywall work, Padia returned to Texas, opening his office in San Antonio five years ago.
     Getting started as a business is not hard according to Padia.  The hard part is getting your name out there.  “Getting people to know you and trying to spread your name and what you do and the quality of work you do is hard.  People see all different styles of work, good and bad, so it’s hard to fit yourself into that right profile where people will trust you and want to hire you and respect what you do.
    “We want the city of San Antonio to know us more.  We want to expand and put our name out there.  We try to strive on leadership and good work quality.  We are respectful and try to keep our customers and clients happy.”
    Padia Construction is a drywall specialty contractor specializing in multi-family and commercial work. -cmw

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