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You’re surrounded

image Derek Phillips and Jennifer Curtis outside the office.

SAN ANTONIO - From chain link to guardrails, a fence has always made sense within commercial projects. The San Antonio Zoo, the Japanese Tea Garden, and various jobs for SAWS are just a few of the projects Pecos Fence Co. has completed. In fact, they still hold the record for the longest commercial fence built in San Antonio for USAA.



    Richard Curtis, owner at Pecos Fence, has been in the business since 1953, having started Viking Fence of Austin and Dallas in 1976.  Pecos Fence was opened in 2007 after Viking was sold.
    One of Pecos Fence employees, Derek Phillips, senior estimator says, “Companies come back to us again and again because of our knowledge and experience; we’re not just a fence company.” Phillips, a project manager in England and California was approached by Pecos to come aboard.  He has been with the company for many years now. Phillips brought his English accent with him too.
    The family owned business knows how to fence. “We do all size projects. Everything from your grandma’s wooden fence to industrial, government, city, and state work,” says Phillips. While grandma is enjoying her new wooden fence, Phillips adds the company has extended itself on a global level. “We just started working for the largest solar power company in Asia; Hanwa Q Cells.” Pecos has also opened the gate to becoming more involved in natural energy resources. “We see it as an integral part of the future.”
    When the company isn’t putting up a 55,000 ft. fence for a project in Fort Stockton, they help their community at home. Pecos gives donations of materials to local high school shop classes. Jennifer Curtis, vice president at Pecos Fence, says, “We give them the materials, and we give them vouchers from Home Depot to buy the extra materials that we don’t sell.  They take the materials and make classroom projects. We recently gave materials to a church that wanted to do a nativity scene.”
    Jennifer was previously a teacher for 30 years and took over for her father’s company in April.
    Pecos Fence is a fence contractor in San Antonio and central Texas. –lv

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