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35 years of sprinklers

image L-R: Coby, Lori, Rusty, Doris and Clayton Young

SAN ANTONIO - With the changing of the licensing laws in the early ‘80s, Rusty Young felt it was just good timing to venture out on his own at the ripe old age of 21 with the help of two partners. Now 35 years later, Young is the sole owner and president of Young Bros. Fire Protection Inc.




    “We officially opened our doors this day, Dec. 22, 1983,” says Young.  “Starting up the company, I covered every aspect of the business including bidding, designing, fabricating, and the installation of jobs, so I was in the trenches a lot the first couple of years.”
    Through slow and consistent growth, the company has become very successful in the fire sprinkler industry.  Young contributes to the success of the company by continuing to keep all aspects of the fire sprinkler business in-house.  “The majority of fire sprinkler companies sub-out their design and fabrication, whereas Young Bros. Fire Protection decided from day one to keep everything in-house for better oversight and quality control.”
    Young’s mother, Doris, wife Lori, along with their two sons, Clayton and Coby are also involved in the company business. Lori is the office manager and Doris is the accounting manager and has been with Young Bros. since day one. Lori oversees the operations of the office.  Clayton and Coby, who have worked in this family business since the age of 15, are as active in the business as their
father was 35 years ago.  Clayton is a project manager and designer; and Coby is the company’s construction supervisor.
    Young boasts of his family, not just his blood family, but also the “family team” that has become part of the Young Bros. family.  “The company has grown from three employees to 50 employees. We have a great group of employees.  We have a lot of longevity.  Some of our employees have been with us 20 plus years and they are family to us,” adds Young.  “Luke Williams, our sales representative, has been with us since 1991.”
    With a steady and consistent growth over the years, Young is confident they have found their niche in the industry and will continue to grow.  “We found our happy median, our niche.  You have to find your niche to be successful and we found ours.” -cmw

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