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Passion for detail

image The interior finish team of Acosta Systems

SAN ANTONIO - Years ago, schools offered classes in specialty trades and other skills that would help individuals succeed after high school. Some of us knew these to be VO-Tech classes. Larry Acosta remembers these classes all too well because he was a student at Thomas Jefferson High School in the mid ‘70s and that is where he learned the trade of carpentry.



    “We built two-bedroom cabins when I was in high school at Jefferson in 1975.  My instructor saw that I had a real passion in what we were doing and encouraged me to pursue this line of work.  He helped me get into the local carpentry union
after graduation,” recalls Acosta.
    After many years of working with the union, Acosta would begin working with various other contractors until he decided he was ready to go out on his own. “I had been doing it for so long and I finally decided after talking to my wife that it was time to go out on my own and thank the Lord, I’ve been doing pretty good.”
    Acosta started Acosta Interiors in 2000 and just this year, changed the name to Acosta Systems due to corporate re-structuring. He recalls getting started 17 years ago was nerve racking, but has no regrets.
    With no plans for retirement, Acosta says he does not know how to rest.  “For me, I’m pretty much 24-7.  I have another computer system like this at the house; so when I’m not watching sports, I’m working.  I can’t relax.  I always have to be doing something.  I hope to have another 10 years in me.”
    His love for detail is what drives the passion for interior finish work.  “I love seeing it come to life. After the framing is done, life begins to bloom within with all the details to finishes, colors, textures, etc.  I enjoy what I do.”
    Acosta Systems is an interior specialty contractor in San Antonio servicing the entire state of Texas. -cmw

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