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90 years of building visions

image Guido Construction team members gather together.

SAN ANTONIO - In the early 1900s, Louis Guido and his father came to America from Italy looking for work after earthquakes left Italy impoverished. They made the journey several times until a young 16-year-old Louis told his father he wanted to stay in America. Louis stayed America earning his citizenship after serving in WWI.



    After the war, Louis married his sweetheart Florence Sirianni in Arizona.  Hearing that there was really good work in San Antonio, Louis left his wife and newborn daughter Dora and came to San Antonio where he found work.  He would ride his bicycle to work with his tools in toll.  Some of which are displayed in the front entry at Guido Construction.
    Louis grew his business at first as Louis L. Guido General Contractor in 1927.  He partnered with a gentleman for the first building to bare his name, St. Francesco Di Paola, that is now on the national historic registry.  He also built the San Pedro Playhouse, another San Antonio historic gem.
    Louis’ brother Frank, joined the company until his passing. After WWII, Louis’ son. Cosmo. graduated from Texas A&M, and he too joined the company.  But there was a real building material shortage after the war, and Cosmo would start Guido Lumber Company that he ran for many years.
    Frank Guido’s son, Gino, joined the company and began running the lumber company until Cosmo’s sons graduated from college. Tom and his brother Brazos joined the company. Brazos took over the lumber company, while Tom ran the construction company under their father and uncle Louis Guido Jr.
    As with many companies, partners leave and are bought out and in 2007, Tom Guido, president and his wife Maryanne Guido, CEO, took over the companies.  Since then, the companies have grown dramatically. Guido & Companies are currently in the process of expanding their corporate offices to include a new showroom for Guido Building Materials. 
 Guido Construction is full-service general contractor in San Antonio. -cmw

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