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Automatic decision

image Bryce and Amy Ronek, co-owners of A & B Automatic Doors of Texas

SAN ANTONIO - One day you wake up and you decide, today I’m going to take the bull by the horn. Not knowing whether or not that bull is going to let you ride or not, but you’re going to do it. For Amy and Bryce Ronek that is exactly what they did.





    Amy grew up in the automatic door business.  She knew all the ins and outs, ups and downs of running a business as she had done so for years working with her dad.  Bryce on the other hand, knew all the ins and outs of installing automatic doors. When the revelation hit, and hit it did, starting an automatic door business they could call their own was the logical choice.
    The young couple had talked about this many times.  They had begun making plans for it in a round-a-bout way.  In Nov. 2017, the Roneks started A & B Automatic Doors of Texas.
    With the new company up and running, the duo is excited about reconnecting with the customers and manufacturers they have known for well over 20 years.
    “I started in this industry as a teenager working for my dad,” says Amy.  “I’ve always wanted my own company. This is what I was born to do.  My great grandmother was the first woman on the board of construction in Amarillo, TX in the ‘70s and she was actually the one who started the door closer company and my dad worked for her.
    “A & B Automatic Doors of Texas will offer that personal touch that you won’t get with the larger companies.  You will get me, you will get Bryce.  We will see that you get exactly what you want, high quality products with top quality installation and service and nothing less.”
    A & B Automatic Doors of Texas is a specialty contractor in San Antonio servicing San Antonio and the surrounding areas. -cmw

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