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Not just fences

image Co-owners Kelly and Beau Carroll, Circle C Services

SAN ANTONIO - Growing up on a ranch in a ranching community, Beau Carroll built a lot of fences as a young lad. It was only natural that Beau would continue building fences right out of high school before starting Circle C Services with his dad, Kelly Carroll.





    “It wasn’t anything we didn’t know about or hadn’t done before. So when the moment came for us to talk about being partners, it wasn’t very hard to figure out,” says Beau.   
    For the first couple of years, the company just built fences and worked on ranches.  When the oil boom hit, the company migrated into the oil business and started diversifying into the building of substations for electrical companies and building schools.
    Beau, vice president of Circle C,  graduated from Texas Tech University in 2004 with a degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics. Company President and Co-owner, Kelly, was a Medina
County commissioner prior to starting the company.  Together the two incorporated the company in 2006.
    The father and son duo enjoy working in the field and being hands on.  “We’d rather be out in the field than inside sitting behind a desk.  We see every job that we do no matter if it’s the beginning, middle or the end.  We like to see jobs all the way through to the end,” adds Beau.
    Kelly says being self-employed and working with his son is the best part of the business. 
    The company has  been in business 11 years and Beau  recalls getting started was no easy task.  “We have great customers that we work for now.  It was hard to get to where we are. Getting our foot in the door was not easy.  We had to build our clientele and customer base. That’s always a challenge for any company.”
    Circle C Services Inc. is a specialty contractor in Devine, TX. -cmw

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