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God’s company

image The Extreme Pumping family.

SAN ANTONIO - Answering an ad when he got out of the military, Mike Gipson went to work for Capitol Pumping. Having no idea what concrete pumping was or what it entailed, Gipson learned and has been doing it ever since.





   “I’ve been doing this since 1986.  I originally worked at Capitol Pumping which is probably the biggest pump company in this part of the country.  I worked my way up to vice president and then worked at a couple of more places before I decided to do it on my own 11 years ago,” explains Gipson.
    Extreme Pumping started out with one pump truck, Mike, his wife Susan and their son Troy.  Today the company has seven pumps and 11 employees including their youngest son Mathew.
    Working from home and renting a parking space at a nearby crane yard for the first two years, Susan, who was home schooling their youngest son, was also doing all the paperwork for the company, while Mike handled  collections in addition to overseeing the jobs with their son Troy. “It wasn’t easy.  It’s been a challenge, but it’s been very rewarding.  We have come a long way in the last 11 years.”
    “This is God’s company,” adds Susan.  At first glance you may not notice the X is actually a cross in the Extreme Pumping logo. “You would be amazed how many people will stare at my truck and see the X and notice it is a little different and then they’ll look at the door, but until you ask them, they don’t realize the bolts represent the nails that nailed Jesus to the cross.  The logo has transitioned through the years.  The latest rendition is where it is bursting out and now it is bursting out of the doors, it actually looks like a cross,” replies Mike.
    “It gives us the opportunity to tell about Christ when people are asking about it and it gives us the opportunity to our journey story of how He has brought us to where we are today.  Concrete pumping is not an easy job.  It’s hard on the families.  These guys miss track meets, school plays, birthdays, anniversaries and things like that, but we are small enough and family enough, that even though we are not blood family, we are family enough to do what we can do to get them off the pump to get them home to see their kids do what they need to do,” says Susan.
    Mike says he started Extreme Pumping not knowing their kids were going to get involved.  Troy is very mechanical and does all the mechanics and everything on the outside of the shop and in the field. Mathew is the company IT guy and company salesman.  “Now that they’re involved, it will be up to them to keep things going whenever Susan and I decide to take a step back.”
    Troy was already out and operating with his dad and has been involved since day one. “We sat him down with his new wife to be and said this is the life of a pump operator, is this what you want.  There’s long hours. You won’t see each other all the time. There will be missed birthdays and anniversaries and when it’s your business you can’t just say no I’m not coming in today because we have a birthday party or something to go to.  We laid the worst of the worst out and they were both in 100 percent,” replies Susan. 
     Recently the company participated in Touch-A-Truck at a local church in Stoneoak in which vehicles from local fire departments, EMS, sheriff departments and other large vehicles come and allow pre-school children to climb and touch these large vehicles and learn about them.
    Extreme Pumping is concrete pumping company based in Schertz, TX servicing the South Texas area. -cmw

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