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They got you covered

image L-R: Robert Nocito, Steve Whitener, and Mary Jean Garcia, accounts manager say hello to Construction News.

SAN ANTONIO - For some it starts at the top and for others the bottom. Take Gomez Floor Covering (GFC) for example, they started their small business from a garage. Through the years of adversity and achievement GFC has moved forward. In fact, the company established an operation in Dallas in 2000.





    Steve Whitener, chief operating officer at GFC, remembers working at the outside garage on their property. “In the office (the garage) me and one other person went and did the selling; another would handle the operations,” he says. In 2004, the company moved out of the garage and into their current location.
    GFC puts down floors for commercial and state projects, but they’ve already placed a steady floor for their employees to walk on. Steve mentions the benefits they offer to their employees. “I think one of the most important things we’ve done since we’ve had employees is have health insurance.” He tells us about Robert Nocito, human resources for GFC, was very close to being legally blind six or seven years ago. Through their insurance program he was able to get the operations that he needed. Another case was with a project coordinator who has been with them for over 10 years. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and became infected during tests. “She was in the hospital for probably four or six months. She got down to less than a hundred pounds. Because of her insurance she’s almost back to working full time,” Steve adds. 
    Steve’s wife, Linda Gomez-Whitener, president at GFC, has a big role in the GFC history. Linda is a cancer survivor and at the time of treatments her former employer Southwestern Bell had offered her an early buyout. She served with Southwestern Bell for 30 years. The couple has been married for 45 years and started their business with the advice given by mentors. Linda took the money from her savings to finance the company and GFC was established in 1996.
    Since then the Whitener family has been drafted to the business. Sons Randy Whitener and Kevin Whitener are both project managers who are following the footsteps of their parents. “As Aggies they want to take over,” Steve says as we laugh. “I think we could’ve sold it, but they wanted to carry on what we started. They are looking forward to the challenge.” Kevin will be running operations in Dallas and Randy will run San Antonio in the years to come. Steve adds considering where they started that he and his wife went out of their way a long time ago to set the proper tone.
    Today that tone is set and the workplace environment suitable for all.
    Gomez Floor Covering is a full-service commercial flooring and furniture contractor. – lv

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