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Going with the times

image Builders Gypsum Supply sales team.

SAN ANTONIO - Migrant farmer workers growing up, Chicho, Rigo and Israel Flores started a drywall construction company in 1969 in Houston, TX. After a few years in business, the brothers saw the need for a gypsum supply house to help supply their growing need for drywall. So they opened a supply house of their own, Builders Gypsum Supply.



    The new business proved to be very profitable and grew at a substantial rate.  Within five short years later, the Flores brothers opened a second location in San Antonio and more locations in Round Rock, Dallas and Fort Worth.  The company would continue to be owned and operated by the three brothers until 2009 when they sold the company to Allied  Building Products Corp.
    Builders Gypsum Supply (BGS) has been in the San Antonio market for 25 years servicing drywall contractors in the area and surrounding areas.  Under the Allied ownership, BGS expanded its product to offer roofing supplies.
    As with many things, nothing stays the same for too long.  BGS once again will change ownership after the first of the year. Beacon Roofing Supply, recently acquired the Allied owned BGS.  Builders Gypsum Supply will be the first of the 110 stores to offer interior drywall supplies and products for Beacon.  “It used to be that roofing and drywall were two separate divisions, but we’re seeing more and more of the two being packaged together,” says Branch Manager David Wingrove.
    From the time BGS first opened its doors in San Antonio 25 years ago, the company continues to maintain its presence.  The influx of several competing companies has not seemed to have any effect on the business.  And  with the company’s new ownership, the company is expecting to continue on its course and expand.  Currently, BGS runs 13 trucks, four boom trucks, and two contract haulers, each with boom trucks to help deliver drywall, with 29 employees.
    Like most of the construction industry, Wingrove says the employees of BGS like to golf, fish and hunt when they are not servicing their customers.
     Builders Gypsum Supply is a supplier of drywall, interior products and roofing material in San Antonio. –cmw

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