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A supporting hand

image Heat Transfer Solutions’ team in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - In 2002, McQuay International (now Daikin Applied) reached out to Toronto based HTS Heat Transfer Solutions because they no longer had a representative present in the Houston market. As a result, HTS made the decision to branch out to the United States. Soon after in 2003, San Antonio- based Envirotex was bought out by HTS and has been a growing fixture in the San Antonio and Austin markets.


“As we have grown, we have opened additional offices in Texas, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Canada.  Today, we are the largest independent HVAC manufacturer’s representative in North America,” says Paul Naizer, San Antonio branch manager.
    “HTS provides full life-cycle, highly-engineered solutions to clients and we proudly represent. Daikin is the number one air conditioning manufacturer in the world,” adds Vicki Lusk, San Antonio inside sales representative.  “I started out with Envirotex and remained with the company after the merger.  I’m going on 20 years and I have seen a lot of changes.  We remained in the original Envirotex building across the street until three years ago when we remodeled this space with a Daikin HVAC system and moved in.”
    As the company began to grow, HTS started adding support divisions to help service their customers.  “We went from five employees to 30 in just the past three years,” says Naizer.   “Most of the growth has stemmed from the expansion of our parts, service and controls departments.  Our controls division is our newest division.”
    “We had some growing pains along the way.  It’s all about finding the right people.  Hiring key people and the right people as project managers to help run the controls division was vital.  We are committed to the individual success of all those involved in a project’s HVAC system selection, design, purchase, installation and maintenance,” adds Naizer.
    With a focus on the heavy commercial side of construction, the company helps owners and engineers design and specify their products to fit the needs of their clients. The company works hand-in-hand with general contactors’ project executives, estimating, and scheduling teams as well as the HVAC contractor’s project and estimating team hired to install the equipment.  “We are more of a support for contractors.  Because we are an independent rep operation, we don’t need approval from the factory to take care of our customer’s needs. We can take care of issues if there is a problem on the job,” adds Naizer.
    HTS is a full-service HVAC&R equipment distributor with 16 locations in Canada and the United States with a location in San Antonio. –cmw

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