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A new identity

image Lone Star Materials’ San Antonio team members pose by their new company sign.

SAN ANTONIO - Gypsum Management and Supply (GMS) founded in 1871 is a major independent distributor of drywall products in the U.S. and the parent company of Hill Country Materials of San Antonio, Lone Star Materials of Austin, and Rio Grande Building Materials in Laredo.





     As of August 1st, after 35 years, Hill Country Materials was merged with Lone Star Materials and Rio Grande Building Materials to become Lone Star Materials.  “It was decided a couple of years ago to merge the three companies for cost saving purposes and for recognition in each market; everywhere in Texas we were a different name,” says John Clifton, General Manager of Hill Country Materials of San Antonio.  Yards in Houston, as well as yards in Dallas/Fort Worth markets have also merged.
    “We looked at the Lone Star name in comparison to the Hill Country name and the Rio Grande name.   Hill Country Materials is not really in the Hill Country here in San Antonio. Lone Star in Austin is more in the Hill Country than we are and it just made sense being in Texas (Lone Star State) to be called Lone Star Materials,” states Clifton.   
    Clifton says he fought to keep the Hill Country Materials name for a while because it is the oldest yard of the three companies, adding that Joe Tucker started Hill Country Materials in 1982.  “It was not easy for me to see the name change.  I started with Hill Country Materials in 1983 and have been running it since 1989.  I’ve had a lot of customers tell me we’re losing its market recognition, but I think we took care of that.”
    The merger did not affect the status of any of the employees.  Clifton stated that upper management in Atlanta made it very clear from the beginning that no one was going to lose any jobs from the merger.  In addition, he stated the transition has been fairly smooth with just a few minor snags here and there.
    “We definitely have expansion plans.  We are looking at opening a few more operations.  I don’t know yet when, where or how.  We have goals and some targets set.  We have three yards now and I’ll say we will probably have four within a year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t have six operations within the next five years, all under the Lone Star name.”
    Lone Star Building Materials is a gypsum and drywall supplier in San Antonio, Austin and Laredo, TX. -cmw

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