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Celebrating 50 years

image The Joeris staff outside their San Antonio office.

SAN ANTONIO - Leo Joeris got his foot in the construction door when he went to work for his brother Joe after the war. After getting some valuable experience he became an acoustical ceiling contractor before going back into the general construction side of working for William Matera Construction.




   Leo and Raymond Klaus along with a handful of people worked for William Matera Construction until Matera was killed in a plane crash.  “After his death, Dad finished up all their work and started bidding work as Joeris & Klaus Construction Company,” says Gary Joeris, CEO of Joeris General Contractors. “My dad and Raymond Klaus started the company in 1967 focusing on some private work, but mostly school work, churches and public work.”
    Working through the summers during high school and college, Gary worked for the company as a carpenter, helping out in the office, running errands and estimating.  He joined the company full-time in 1978 after graduating college as a project manager. 
    By the early ‘80s, when Klaus decided to go out on their own, Joeris continued on as Joeris General Contractors and Gary was named vice president of the company. He would continue in that capacity until 1990 when he took on the role as president.  His father continued to support and guide him until he retired in 2000.  “Dad was pretty good about relinquishing control and, of course, I went to him for advice.  We were a good team.  He was always open to my opinions and suggestions and I certainly listened to his opinions and suggestions.”
    The biggest changes for the company came 17 years ago, when Joeris started the strategic planning process for the company. “My aspirations were to grow the company.  You have to keep it growing in some form or fashion to be relevant in this market. We started this strategic planning process and identified goals for the next two to three years.  We set goals for getting better; goals for the kind of manpower we would need, what positions we would need people in, and we worked very deliberately in making those goals happen.
    “I could not have achieved any success without our people.  They are the key ingredients. My best blessing was having some really good people to start with from my dad, and we continue to bring in high quality, high caliber folks with good character.”
    Celebrating 50 years in business,
Joeris General Contractors has been celebrating all year by hosting quarterly fundraising events to give back to the community they love so much. “We hosted a clothing drive to benefit CAM Ministries. We also hosted a can food drive for the San Antonio Food Bank and in August we hosted a school supply drive to benefit CASA, the advocates for San Antonio’s foster children.  And just this past weekend we did the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society with John Casstevens, our president, as chairman.  In conjunction with the Light the Night Walk we are also doing a teddy bear drive for young leukemia patients in the hospital,” says Angela Cardwell, chief marketing officer.
    The company commissioned a painting to honor their workers at their
40-year mark and will have a sculpture commissioned in their honor for the company’s 50th anniversary.
     Joeris General Contractors is a general contactor headquartered in San Antonio with offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston. - cmw

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