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SAN ANTONIO - Joe Ochoa, general manager at Bear and volunteer firefighter, loaded up his flat boat and went to the Houston area to help wherever he could.






“Seeing the flood  was tough to grasp.  The enormity of the emergency struck me.  Another San Antonio firefighter, Robby Vosburg, owner of Triple V Custom Homes and Construction, had posted on Facebook about heading to Houston to help with his boat.  I called him and got guidance about where to go.”
    After picking up his boat, Ochoa met up with two friends, TJ Walsh, a fire academy classmate and a friend,  John Kauffman.
    “We spent two days in the Katy area ferrying people to dry ground with the assistance of local, state and federal authorities.  I’ve never seen any flooding like that in my life.  It was surreal driving down residential streets in a boat in five ft. of water - literally stopping at traffic lights and stop signs for cross-boat traffic.”
    Ochoa said the American and Texas spirits were on full display, strangers helping strangers, neighbors helping neighbors.  This along with the first responders and military personnel.
    “I’m proud to know all of these guys and am glad we made a difference in the lives of many.  We operated in the Kelliwood area of Katy as well as by Franz Elementary for two days, helping anyone we could.”  -rd

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