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Recognizing opportunity

image L-R: Wyatt Bernard, grandson, Bernard Brothers V.P. Jake Bernard, and Owner/President Robert Bernard

SAN ANTONIO - Enjoying your profession is great, and having fun at the same time is even better. That is what Robert Bernhard says.







    Bernhard was a framer for 17 years until the recession hit and he had to shut down his framing business.  He got a job offer and decided to go to work for a concrete contractor in San Antonio and learned the finer points of a new business.  He did all the form sets and ran crews.
    One day one of the companies he had done work for called Bernhard directly and offered him their concrete  work.  He saw an opportunity to go on his own and became owner and president of Bernhard Brothers Concrete Contractors Inc., in Boerne, TX.  And the rest is history.
    “We have been very fortunate and had reached a point where I was comfortable,” says Bernhard.  “I believe in a hands-on operation and have fun doing what we do.  We’ve have a great group of clients that keep us busy.”
    Bernhard said he’d been through three recessions since he started the business and didn’t want to see a fourth one.  But with each one, he learned from it.
    “One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to set aside something so you can keep going if times get tough.”
    The company is truly a family operation.  His son, Jake Bernhard, has been involved in the company since he was about 12-years-old.   Jake got his degree in drafting and is still involved in the business.  He oversees the outside operations.
    Bernhard is big on quality control.  He always visits his jobs to make sure things are running smoothly and there is no slacking.
    Outside of the day-to-day business, Bernhard enjoys fishing and a little golfing.  He also enjoys his gardening out back – how handy that is for taking a break.  He currently has no plans for retirement.
    Bernhard Brothers Concrete Contractors Inc. is a concrete contractor in Boerne, TX serving the South Texas market.  -cmw

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