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The next generation

image Jay Dishman, Owner of Medina Glass

SAN ANTONIO - When Jack and Debbie Dishman moved to Devine in 1984, they knew they wanted to make a living for themselves they could be proud of and possibly hand down to their children. With the help of Debbie’s parents, Jean and Wayne McBride, they were able to embark on a journey that would become a success story that their son, Jay Dishman would someday take over.


    In Oct. 2013, Jay Dishman would become the new owner of Medina Glass, a company his parents started in 1986 through hard work and dedication.
    Dishman grew up in Devine.  He knew the people and they knew him.  The familiarity with his customers proved to be something that the small community of Devine seemed to really appreciate.  “Familiarity just makes things easier for everyone.  Our customers and clients appreciate knowing they are going to see and speak to the same people any time they need us,” says Dishman.
    The transition into the family business came naturally for Dishman.  He recalls helping out in the summers during his high school years.
    Before taking over the family business, Dishman was able to do certain things that would prove to be valuable for his future and the future of his family’s business.  “I had a lot of great people around me who took a chance and mentored me.  I’ve truly been blessed in that respect.”
    Dishman attended and graduated from UTSA.  While attending UTSA, he interned with Pulte Homes.  After graduating from UTSA in 2006, Dishman lived in San Antonio for about eight years and worked for Meritage and Pulte Homes as a superintendent.  He had also worked with Texas Farm Bureau as an insurance adjuster for several years, which would pay off for the auto glass and insurance companies he would later do business with. 
    Wanting to be a teacher and a coach, Dishman got his degree in interdisciplinary studies because his first love and hobby was to play sports, but things change and they changed quickly after working with the homebuilders.
    “I have no regrets at all.  I know I would love teaching and coaching, it would be a great honor.  I’ve done some little league things and it’s something that I would definitely not have a problem doing as well.  Most of my family is in the teaching profession and they’ve pretty much all told me to hold off on teaching for awhile and try something different.”
    Dishman says he has been fortunate to have the same employees who have been with him since day one.  “They’re all here; they’re all very knowledgeable.  I believe the first person a customer calls should be very knowledgeable and answer any questions they might have.  My secretary is very good and able to answer many of the questions our customers ask. It gives me the freedom to make sure that the job we do is done right the first time. thereby saving us a great deal of time.  The guys in the field know what needs to be done.  They are very reputable, presentable, young and aggressive guys that are willing to learn and try different things.”
    When not working, Dishman loves to be outdoors.  “I play golf and run.  It’s just a great way to relieve stress.  I like to fish and hunt, but you kind of have to pick one or the other.”
    Medina Glass is a family-owned specialty subcontractor and supplier in Devine, TX. -cmw

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