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Hometown perspective

image Baron Houser, Owner/President of StoneHouse Builders in Boerne, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Being successful means many different things to as many different people. This is about a seemingly successful person, Baron Houser, who has a different take on what success is.






    “I’m a product of the ‘big boys’ having spent 20-plus years in the big leagues as an RVP and division president in San Antonio. In 1999 I decided the corporate world was no longer where I wanted to be because I never got to do what I’m doing today.  I never got to meet people; it was always black ink and white paper.  I was just miserable.”
    In 2000, Houser established what he considers a boutique company.  “It is not meant to be a number one anything; it’s meant to do exactly what God gives us,” said Houser.
    This family business is StoneHouse Builders in Boerne, TX.  Houser is owner/president. His wife, son and cousin are part of this hometown built business where Houser grew up.  He knew a lot people to include those in the city governments and school districts.
    The company focuses on homes in the $300,000 to $1,000,000 range with light commercial as well as remodels, including the remodel of the Chamber of Commerce.  “The chamber remodel for me is a way to give back to the business community,” Houser explains.
    Houser says they take care of historic buildings with close attention paid to the style going back to the 1800s.
    “We haven’t experienced any real slowdowns, maybe a bump in 2001-2002. You have to pay attention to what is going on around you.  You cannot live in the glass bubble. One has to be flexible and move with the environment.”
    Houser also says margins are thin, but that doesn’t mean their values can’t be high.  It all has to balance out.
    “We have a wonderful city manager, a great mayor, a great city council, and they’ve got the vision, a 10-year plan.  We have our ‘historic mile’ which is downtown and pretty iron-clad – you don’t mess with downtown.  But you take care of our historic buildings.”
    Houser says that he sees a significant portion of their business portfolio from people not from here, such as Chicago, Washington, Houston and Corpus Christi.
    In summary, Houser says they are there to provide a service in a very basic level from a hometown perspective.
    StoneHouse Builders is a contractor for both homebuilding and light commercial.  –cmw/rd

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