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Thanks for the memories, Randy


SAN ANTONIO - From Churchill HS, to drag-racing, to hunting, and on to business, you were always #1 and a heck of a lot of fun.







    When I started Planet Pickup, I was cash poor.  I needed to build driveway approaches for the building I was leasing, and you sent multiple trucks of gravel.  Before we even opened, you dropped off “Big Red” for a lift, wheels, tires, and custom stuff.  You told me we’d figure out payment, and that you wanted my business to be the best shop in town.
    Eighteen years later we are solid and loving what we do!  We always enjoyed putting your ideas together for you, your beautiful family and many friends.
 Last year you brought us a RAM2500 MEGA Cab and told me to make it a flagship truck to show off our best work and be your best ride ever.  We outfitted it in “Randy Style” with an 8-in. LIFT, state-of-the-art bumpers and lights, winch, electric steps, and the whole nine yards.  You were pleased and it made us proud!
Your generosity helped many people in many ways.  You made the world a better place.
Happy Trails my friend.


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