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Growing demand

image Tony Ridout, Managing Shareholder, RidoutBarrett CPAs & Business Consultants

SAN ANTONIO - After 31 years servicing the San Antonio market, Tony Ridout, managing shareholder of RidoutBarrett CPAs & Business Consultants never dreamed his company that he started in 1986 would have grown to have two locations.





    As of July 1, RidoutBarrett acquired long time CPA firm, Freemon Shapard & Story, CPA’s (FSS) in Austin.  The second office of RidoutBarrett is located on the northwest side of Austin at 3305 Northland Dr., Ste. 100.
    “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that my firm would grow to be this big.  I think being in the construction  industry helped.  It is such a tight-knit group of people.  Word of mouth is wonderful.
    “We have a significant client base there and we felt like it was a market that could use another construction accounting firm with a local presence instead of working it out of San Antonio. Austin has such a great construction base, it is just booming.  It’s a great opportunity for RidoutBarrett to be in Austin and it’s a great opportunity for Austin to have us there, too.
    “We get a lot of referrals from bonding agents telling us we need to come to Austin,” say Ridout.   So when the opportunity presented itself, Ridout and his partners, Milton Barrett, Kathleen Dvorak, Dustin Michalak, and Melanie Geist made the decision to acquire FSS.
    FSS who has been in Austin and RidoutBarrett began talks in February.
    “We kept their employees which was important.  We will transition the work there.  FSS mainly did tax work with a focus on real estate and professional service taxes.  We’ll be adding our construction services to their services.
    “We became established in the construction industry almost since day one.  I had a bunch of contractors as clients and when I opened my practice, specializing in construction helped tremendously.
    “Contractors have special rules that apply on the accounting side as well as the tax side, so we will be bringing our expertise to the Austin office and train them because they do not have the background in construction.  Our plan is to hire some construction specific folks.”
    The firm, now almost 60 employees strong, plans to host a grand opening once the transition is settled in.
    RidoutBarrett is a certified public accounting firm specializing in construction with offices in San Antonio and Austin.  -cmw

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