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A father and a son


SAN ANTONIO - Blaine Beckman, F.A. Nunnelly Co., recently celebrated Father’s Day on both sides of the fence. As a dad, he loves to hear his son, Citizen Beckman, say, “Dada, what does that tool do?” and “I love you, Dada!” and when putting him down for the night, he repeatedly says, “Dada, lay with me just a couple more seconds.” As a son, Beckman says that his favorite thing about his dad, Gary Beckman, is his dedication to their family and teaching them the value of work ethic. “He has always taught me to make decisions based on sound ethics and in what is best for my family. He has multiple degrees in various fields of study, has had a successful general contracting com-pany as well as having his doctorate in chiropractic. I could not be more proud and have huge shoes to fill as a father to follow in his footsteps.” –mh

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