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Texas Apprentice - Tietze Plumbing

image James Bump, PHCC Apprenticeship Program, Tietze Plumbing

SAN ANTONIO - The last four years have brought major life changes for James Bump. In addition to getting married and becoming a father, he has found a passion for the plumbing trade and is on a new career path.







    Having just graduated from the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors (PHCC) 4-year apprenticeship program while working at Tietze Plumbing, Bump graduated from high school and immed-iately joined the workforce, but not in the construction industry.
    “I did a little bit of computer work,” recalls Bump. “I was a network manager for a small company for a long time, right out of high school. I liked that too, but I just don’t like sitting behind a desk.”
    From there, Bump decided to take on a job where he could get his hands dirty, literally. He went into aircraft mechanics, starting at the bottom – or rather the inside – as a fuel tank diver, climbing inside aircraft fuel tanks to clean them. Working his way up in that industry, he eventually became a structural mechanic.
    Though he was with Boeing for six years, he wanted more job security, and his father-in-law, Steve Tietze, owner of Tietze Plumbing, invited him to find that stability and security in the plumbing trade.
    Starting at Tietze and the PHCC apprenticeship around the same time, Bump came into plumbing very green. He liked doing the apprenticeship pro-gram as he learned in the field, because he says it really filled in the gaps for him.
    With four years of experience in his new trade, Bump is really enjoying his new career working at the family run business as well as the relationships he gets to build while doing his job.
    “I like the customers,” he says. “It’s almost like they become family too, because you see them out somewhere, and they always stop and say hi, or you get a call and they request you to come work in their house – which is awe-some.”
    Bump has been married to Bethany, daughter of Steve and Tracy Tietze, for about three-and-a-half years now. He and Bethany have a 2-year-old son, Hayden, who loves being outdoors as much as his daddy does. Now, little Hayden loves the zoo, but when he gets old enough, Daddy is taking him fishing.
    Having become very involved with the PHCC, Bump is a committee chairman for the association’s fishing tournament. He has also taken over the Good Time Fishing Tournament, an event that his father-in-law has passed down to him. The invitation-only tournament started out with Helotes businessmen and has grown to almost 40 teams now. –mh

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