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Stepping up to the plate

image Mike Bratten, Beicker Consultants, is helping his son, Tyler, bring a batting/pitching lane to Universal City Park.

SAN ANTONIO – When choosing a project to earn his rank as an Eagle Scout, Tyler Bratten turned to his love of baseball for inspiration and his father and scoutmaster, Mike Bratten, PE, a partner at Beicker Consultants, for help.

    With his dad as his project coach, 17-year-old Tyler wants to build a batting/pitching lane at Universal City Park. It will be a single-lane, open-air netted enclosure about 14x70-ft with a 14-ft-tall chain-link fence for security.
    Mike, who has been at Beicker for five years now going back to when it was Beicker Martinez, is working on the project with his son, but it was Tyler’s idea to give back to Universal City.
    Though they moved to Cibolo a couple years ago, both Mike and his son were born and raised in Universal City. Tyler grew up playing at Tri-City Little League, as did his dad. Today, Tyler floats between the varsity and JV baseball team as a catcher and as a junior at Judson High School, and he hopes to play in college.
    “The reason he chose this project is he lives, sleeps and breathes baseball,” says Mike.
    Tyler will essentially be the project manager for the job. Since he needs to show leadership for this project, he will be the one talking to contractors about what needs to be done while Mike assists and helps schedule contractors.
    Mike is also fundraising for the estimated $15,000 needed to build the project. He notes that Terracon, where he worked for four years before joining Beicker, is planning to donate to the project, as is his own firm. Mike’s family has gathered together $4,000 for it and Tri-City Little League has put down $2,000 for it.
    The project needs to be completed by Tyler’s 18th birthday, Jul. 2, for him to become an Eagle Scout, a rank only about 4 percent of Boy Scouts earn. Estimating that the build will take three weeks to a month, they hope to start construction in early June. –mh

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