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On a team trajectory

image In its 10 years, Cleary Zimmermann Engineers has grown from a starting staff of about six people to a team of approximately 55.

SAN ANTONIO – As Cleary Zimmermann Engineers celebrates its 10th anniversary, founders Wade Cleary and Danny Zimmermann, who met in 1996 when Cleary was a student liaison for ASHRAE and Zimmermann was an engineering student, reflected upon what has made the firm successful, allowing it to grow and diversify over the last decade.

    “Our diversity has helped us have a very level trajectory that hasn’t come with any layoffs in general,” explains Zimmermann, noting that their markets – K-12, higher education, healthcare, federal and municipal, and corporate and private, – have been diverse from the beginning.
    They have also expanded their service division into complementary areas, including waste/wastewater and building analytics, which has differentiated them in the marketplace. This balance and added diversity has helped the firm through the ebb and flow of the market and economy.
    Though Cleary and Zimmermann take pride in their success, they are both quick to say that it’s not about them. They are grateful for the group of people they have assembled who develop individual relationships with their clients and help create the culture and environment of the workplace they enjoy coming in to everyday.
    “I’m really proud of the folks that we’ve brought on board over this period of time,” says Cleary, noting that finding people who match up with their values has always been their biggest challenge. He recalls a turning point in their hiring process about four years ago when they began doing a series of five interviews with prospective hires, including a dinner with their spouses, to get to know them better and have them get to know the firm better. He notes they have had tremendous results with this.
    The firm will be celebrating the anniversary, which was Jun. 6, with several events throughout the year, including a fun day with staff tubing on the Guadalupe River and other festivities through Christmas.
    Based in San Antonio, Cleary Zimmermann Engineers is an MEP engineering firm that also offers building analytics, IT/security, commissioning, and water/wastewater services. –mh

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