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Industry Folks - Anthony Gilbert, Carrier Enterprise

image Anthony Gilbert, Wholesale Sales Manager, Carrier Enterprise, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Growing up in Waco, Gilbert spent most, if not all his time at the local little league fields down the street from his house. Every weekend, he and his friends would grab a cooler and walk to the fields and play ball. “We would play all day until we dropped. I loved growing up in Waco.”






    Gilbert enrolled at McLennan Community College after high school but quickly figured out that he would rather take the hard road and go the school of hard knocks.
    Gilbert is married to his beautiful wife, Amber. They met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and celebrated their one year anniversary in September. “Amber has a big heart. She is a wonderful mother and always puts others before herself.
    “We have three children. The oldest, Taylor, turns 11 this month. His No. 1 interest right now, unfortunately, is Fortnite. I think this game was created by the devil because he turns into a demon when playing it! Aside from that, Taylor is a very talented baseball player and a straight A student.
    “My second oldest, Aeson, turned 9 this past June. He also has quite an interest in the Fortnite craze. Aeson also delivers straight A’s in the classroom and is giving his older brother a run for who’s the most talented baseball player. And of course, there is the future heartthrob of America, my daughter Raylyn, who is a spitting
image of her mother. She turned 1 this past May. Her interests include Momma, Momma, and then more Momma. When she is not attached to her mother, she is batting her pretty blue eyes at Daddy to do her bidding.”
    After working a number of different jobs right after school, Gilbert found one that he liked above others. He started working as a yard associate at McCoy’s Building Supply.
    Gilbert eventually changed career paths and joined Carrier Enterprise. “My current role with Carrier Enterprise is wholesale sales manager. Specifically, I am a coach, mentor and supervisor for six branch managers San Antonio, New Braunfels, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and Pharr.
    “The thing I like most about my job is that every day presents a new challenge. When I was younger, I worked overnight at a warehouse doing the same thing day after day. On top of that I had no daily interaction with people. I found out very quickly that I enjoyed working with customers both internal and external.
    Gilbert gives credit to current supervisor Leon Tates for influencing his career the most. “Leon was responsible for encouraging me to go into management at a very early age. At one of my lowest points in my career, he looked out for me when no one else did. I’ve seen all the things I would like to see in a mentor from Leon: Integrity, compassion, change and something a lot of leaders don’t do - listen.”
    When Gilbert takes the time, he enjoys a good game of golf, fishing, running, lifting weights or basically anything else that’s quiet and allows him time to be in his thoughts. “I always look forward to family night where we play games or watch a movie.” -cmw

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