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Industry Folks - Wade Turner, Texas Disposal Systems

image Wade Turner, Sales Representative, Texas Disposal Systems, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Wade Turner has a philosophy. “Do the right thing for everybody, every time, even if it doesn’t seem like the right thing for you right now,” Turner shares. “That has served me very well in my life. If I do the right thing for everyone every time – even if it might not seem like the right thing for me right now – it always works out.”




    Turner recently proved that philosophy when a major goal he had worked toward didn’t work out. After Turner sold his insurance agency and moved back to San Antonio, the retired military veteran bought rental houses to stay busy. As he hired residential remodelers, he noticed a gap in the site services industry.
    “I thought, ‘Why don’t I get experience doing that and open a site services company where a general contractor could come to me and I could provide them with all of the site services that they needed?’ I did some research and found what the market would bear. I decided to work for three or four different site service companies to get some experience in these site services, create relationships and funnel business to those site service companies. I would own no equipment; I would essentially be a site services broker.”
    He spent many months working for site service companies, volunteering for construction associations, networking and learning. As his plan progressed, however, he learned two other business owners already executed his idea. Turner dusted himself right off and immersed himself in building sales teams.
    A decade later, a portable toilet business owner who had twice hired Turner called his former employee. He had sold his business to Texas Disposal Systems, was working as a TDS operations manager, and wanted to recruit Turner.
    “He said, ‘We need someone to increase our footprint in San Antonio. You’re the only guy I can think of who has experience across the site services spectrum and will go out there and hustle this business,” Turner says. “I was happily developing a sales team for someone in the automotive aftermarket industry. But, after six months, I did an interview with TDS and fell in love with the company.
    “I became the salesperson for the San Marcos and San Antonio region for construction site services,” he adds. “I provide portable toilets, holding tanks, perimeter fencing and roll off waste containers. I visit general contractors’ home offices and construction sites to see what site services they have and to see if I can do a better job.”
    Outside of work, his philosophy is clearly working, too.
    “I’m married with five kids, with two still at home. We live in Windcrest, TX, in the house that my wife grew up in. When the last two kids leave the house, I have a 10-year plan to get the kids through college and sell the house. After that, I’m formulating my 52-month plan of touring the United States for bridges and books – I’m a big library and bridge guy. We’re going to find libraries and bridges in every state and write a book!”-mjm

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