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Industry Folks - Eric Honsberger, Central Builders Inc.

image Eric Honsberger, Project Manager, Central Builders Inc., San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Born in Beaumont, TX, Honsberger grew up in Sugar Land, TX, a city just southwest of Houston named after a large sugar plantation situated in the fertile floodplain of the Brazos River. Growing up in the small suburban community was always an adventure according to Honsberger.




    “I would explore the town as much as possible on bicycles with friends.” And as is typical of young boys, Honsberger was constantly outdoors, building forts and getting into mischief.
    He attended Clements High School and Elkins High School. After graduation, Honsberger enlisted in the US Navy. “I was active duty in the Navy Stationed at Sub Base Bangor, WA. After active duty, I was in the reserves while attending school. The training involved a lot of maritime and force protection preparedness courses.”
    He attended Texas State University, “Go Bobcats,” and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement with a minor in Forensic Psychology.
    Shortly after graduation, Honsberger decided to pursue other career options. “My parents were supportive of my decision to pursue a different career path mostly because I put myself through school. Also, by the third year of school, I had a change of heart and wanted to do something other than law enforcement. It was too late to change majors, so I continued on and got my degree.”
    One of those career options was working offshore. This led him to travel to several countries that included the Netherlands, Scotland, Norway, Spain, Benin, Gabon and Turkey. Each country has its own memories, both good and bad.
    “I would have to say Scotland was my favorite. I was taking multiple helicopter firefighting training courses and I had a few days between classes to explore the country a bit. I rode a train from Aberdeen to St. Andrews and walked the oldest golf course in the world. Then continued south to Edinburgh where I visited castles and enjoyed the local music and whiskey.”
    In his spare time, he enjoys playing a good game of golf, fishing and 3-D printing. Being a bachelor with no children, he has plenty of time to enjoy his hobbies.
    Honsberger joined Central Builders Inc. (CBI) in 2017 and is loving every minute. He enjoys the flexibility to leave the office and visit job sites, work with many of the company’s subcontractors and keeping the CBI clients happy. “Providing an excellent service brings me a great sense of pride.”
    He became interested in the commercial construction industry after multiple conversations with his mentor, Mark Ehrlich. The two got to know each other through mutual friends, which eventually led Honsberger to express an interest in joining the CBI team.
    “Mark is a Project Executive and part owner of  Central Builders. He has a vast understanding and knowledge of the grocery store business and leads by example. Through his guidance, he has helped me understand what it takes to continue to succeed in business, and in life.” -cmw

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