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Industry Folks - Ashley Fousek, Dalrymple Gravel & Construction Co.

image Ashley Fousek, Project Manager, Dalrymple Gravel & Construction Co., Sequin, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Growing up, Ashley Fousek always vacationed with her family at Garner State Park. In 2003, they moved to Utopia, TX. And yes, according to her it was paradise.






    “It truly is the best part of the Texas Hill Country. It was the BEST place to grow up. I truly believed it shaped me into the person I am today. It’s where my love and appreciation for nature really bloomed. Being an hour away from the nearest store, mall or anything, we learned to entertain ourselves by hiking, exploring on 4-wheelers, kayaking the Frio, swimming in the Sabinal River at the Utopia Park or rope swinging into the spring-fed Evans Creek on our property.”
    She attended Utopia Junior and High School where there were about 186 students from Pre-K to 12th grade. She graduated valedictorian from Utopia High School in 2009.
    Fousek then graduated from Baylor University, and says, “I loved the beautiful campus and that Christianity was openly discussed in classes.” It is there that she learned and fell in love with college football, as Utopia didn’t have football or an avid Baylor football fan (“Sic ‘em Bears!”).
    Fousek was living and working in Kerrville full-time as a summer camp finance manager when she began looking for a change. Two years ago, she started working as an administrative assistant for Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting Co., a heavy highway contractor from the northeast that had moved into Texas. In her two years with the company, she has enjoyed watching its growth in Texas and likes learning all the facets of the industry. After six months, she was promoted to project manager.
    “I see jobs through, from the bidding of the project to the final walk through and everything in between. In addition to my project management duties, I do our construction photography as well as oversee our traffic control. I also handle any HUB/SMBR requirements during the bidding and throughout the course of the projects. I work closely with our subs and suppliers.”
    Fousek’s parents are her mentors. She looks up to them in every aspect of life, from their careers to their relationship to their faith.
    “My mom has a drive like I’ve never seen to continuously grow and never stop learning. She is my best friend and unofficial therapist (but really, she is actually a therapist!). My dad is the most determined individual I know, regardless of any obstacles he may face. He doesn’t let anything get him down. He gives me confidence to go after my goals and is my biggest supporter. They are just two really great people!”
    She loves all things Texas-, Selena- and outdoors-related. She enjoys being in and near water, kayaking the Frio River, fishing in Port A, hunting at the ranch, attending Texas country concerts, being crafty, redoing furniture and sewing. She also loves food – it makes her happy and cooking is her favorite thing to do! Actually, her favorite thing is to do all of the above with family and friends. -cmw

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