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Industry Folks - Kimberly Maldonado, Joeris General Contractors

image Kimberly Maldonado, Administrative Manager of Corporate Accounts, Joeris General Contractors, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - When Maldonado turned 17, she joined the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps according to Maldonado changed her life profoundly and helped shape the woman she is today. “I am a better person and more appreciative of everything based on those experiences. My mother told my drill instructors if she had known what a difference it was going to make, she would have paid them to take me when I was 15!”



    Maldonado has a 16-year-old son Gehrig, named after her favorite baseball player, Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse of baseball. “The Pride of the Yankees was one of my favorite movies growing up and my first exposure to work ethic and doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. For 56 years Lou held the record for most consecutive games played before being surpassed by Cal Ripken, Jr. No one comes close to either of them.” Her son, Gehrig, had a stroke at birth and has cerebral palsy. Watching him grow and everything he endured has shown Maldonado true courage. “He has the most wicked sense of humor. He loves reading, video games and fencing. He tries harder than anyone I know and I hope one day to be as special as him.”
    Maldonado came to work in the construction industry after being hired as a building manager, walking three historic structures in downtown Denver during their remodeling and historic designation. She moved over to the construction side and never looked back. Today, she is currently working on site for Joeris’ Broadway office development where she processes everything from subcontracts to owner pay applications to invoices and subcontractor payments. She is the owner liaison on special projects and supports Joeris’ project team with anything they need, doing everything possible to free them up to work on items only they can do.
    “At the end of the day, I want to look back and know that I did everything I was able to do to make a difference to at least one person. This can be anything from tracking down a payment or just listening.”
    Maldonado credits several mentors in her life. One was an old Master Gunny who showed her that the world is bigger than just you and I, and that kindness goes a long way. “He also taught me to always take responsibilities for your actions and own your mistakes.  If you don’t own them, you won’t learn from them.” Another mentor taught her it does not matter how good you are if you can-
not operate as part of a team. Another taught me the importance of saving, how you do it and stick to it. This helped her to buy her first house. And one who continues to mentor her, Henry Serry.  “He’s shown me that doing the right thing, no matter what, is always the best course of action.  No matter how difficult it gets, stay the course and continue
to put all your effort forward.” -cmw

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