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Industry Folks - Rona Freire, Freire General Contractor LLC

image Rona Freire, Marketing and Advertising, Freire General Contractor LLC, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - After Rona Freire tumbled down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole, she fell into construction.







    “My dad, Robert Freire, has always done construction; he’s always had an eye on fixing things,” Rona says. “When he first started Freire General Contractor LLC, I was in junior high school. He had someone help build a home and my dad had noticed the home was really crooked, like it was out of Alice in Wonderland! There was a really big storm during that time, and it knocked down the home’s second story. My family had to rebuild everything. I learned how to tape, do plumbing and do yard work through him.”
    Rona’s dad remembered her hard work during that critical moment, and later recruited her to handle his business’ publicity side two years ago.
    “He said I was really social media savvy,” she says. “He would say, ‘You know how to take pictures. You know how to talk to people. You have a bubbly personality. This is what I want you to do.’ He built a business Facebook profile and put me on that to do advertising and talk to people. That’s how I started doing it.”
    Rona has learned that, unlike rebuilding a crooked house, marketing and advertising are much less work, especially with her upbeat outlook.
    “I love networking with people,” she says. “Everyone has a story that makes them them. We have our story, and that’s what makes our company us; we started from the ground up and there was no in-between. I love networking with other people and hearing their stories, connecting with them, building friendships with them, and having conversations. I love talking, I guess!”
    She also loves her job’s flexibility. Her workday begins and ends on the phone with her dad planning every-thing from schedules to the commercial the company is shooting. In between, she enjoys quality time with her 10-year-old son Lucas, 3-year-old daughter Brooklyn, and 17-month-old daughter Juniper.
    “I work from home much of the time,” she says. “My days are easy and I wouldn’t change it. I love being able to work from home while watching my babies.”
    Rona also loves the time it gives her in the kitchen.
    “I love to cook,” she says. “It’s one of my favorite things. I love to look at recipes but I don’t always follow them – I think I can always perfect it my way! I can cook any kind of food – Mexican, German, Filipino, Chinese, and French – but I get the most applause for my Filipino food. I can’t seem to master cupcakes, though; I cannot bake for the life of it! When you’re cooking, you can throw in extra garlic, salt and spices, but when you’re baking it has to be precise, and I’ve never been a precise person!”
    Still, Rona’s baked goods are probably much safer to eat than the ones Alice tasted!
    Freire General Contractor LLC is located in San Antonio. –mjm

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