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Industry Folks - Aaron Schrandt, Hard Rock Directional Drilling LLC

image Aaron Schrandt, Chief Risk Officer, Hard Rock Directional Drilling LLC, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - This Texas-native is no stranger to the outdoors, or underground construction for that matter. Aaron was born in Houston and six months later moved to the panhandle of Texas. After shuffling around in different towns his family and him settled in Hereford, TX.





    Aaron has two brothers and a sister who all attended lots of different schools. “We grew up not having a whole lot in the beginning. My dad worked really hard from the ground up and taught me how important hard work was. He had a lot of opportunities to move up and that is the reason we would move.”
    After attending high school in Hereford and Amarillo, Aaron headed toward to Canyon, Texas to attend West Texas A&M University. The degree he was going for was in construction science, but money was tight, so he decided to work with a friend during the summer and then finish school. Even though Aaron didn’t return to the university he became involved in the underground construction industry.
    His summer job was climbing telephone poles and hanging fiber for a small construction company in Amarillo. This was around the mid ‘90s and safety wasn’t what it is today. “It was hard work; it didn’t pay well and was dangerous.” So two years later Aaron was introduced to directional drilling. He has been involved with directional drilling ever since. 
    Aaron works at Hard Rock Directional Drilling in San Antonio as the Chief Risk Officer. He started as the safety manager and then the operations manager to the position he holds today.
Aaron also went back to A&M and received his CSHO (Certified Safety and Health Official) certification.
    And what really inspired Aaron to become involved in the safety of construction was an incident that took place 15 years ago. “My two brothers and myself were working and we were in a dangerous situation in a trench. We had all just gotten out of the trench and the trench collapsed. We should’ve never been allowed to be in the trench to begin with.” Now as a CRO for Hard Rock Directional Drilling, Aaron makes sure his crew is prepared for any given situation. HardRock Directional Drilling has received the Platinum safety award from Texas Mutual Insurance two years in a row.
    Aside from a hard-working individual, Aaron is also a loving husband and father. He has been married to Kaylynn for 19 years. Together they have three children – two boys and one girl. Karter, 13; Ally, 12; and Alec, 8. The Schrandt’s also have a few pets. Then when it is time to get the family together they enjoy camping or Aaron will take his boys hunting. In fact, his oldest son Karter is involved in 4H shooting sports.
    Aaron is a humble man with passion for the construction industry and love for his family. –lv

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