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Industry Folks - Arnold Andrade, South Texas Solar Systems

image Arnold Andrade, Solar design and marketing, South Texas Solar Systems, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Arnold loves his city of San Antonio and the solar industry. At 26-years-old he has already accomplished a few education and career goals. Arnold was born and raised in San Antonio. He graduated from G.W. Brackenridge High School and received an associate’s degree in architecture from San Antonio Community College.




    “I continued at UTSA, but I recently stopped so that I can pursue my career in solar.” Right now Arnold is taking classes to receive his NABCEP [North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners] certification.
    So how did this young man find himself in the construction industry? Well, for starters his father installs AC units and as a kid Arnold would help. “I was born into the construction industry. My mind was soaking in everything happening around me.” Arnold has grown to love the construction industry.
    Today, Arnold works at South Texas Solar Systems in solar design and marketing. He has been with the company for three years. While he enjoys helping make an impact on the global warming issues, he also loves that his ideas are being integrated into the business. “The people here are awesome!”
    Solar strikes up a positive conversation, a conversation that Arnold likes to have. Something interesting that he has seen first hand is the growth within the solar industry. He likes to thank his mentors within the company that have guided him to understanding the essence of the solar industry. “All the installers at work show me how to install panels and they provide me with information I needed to know. All of our electricians also explain to me what a solar panel entails. Our owner James Hiebert has shown me how the business is run and the things I need to look for in projects.” Another mentor Arnold looks up to is the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk. “I look up to him because he is creating opportunities that were not there before for people in the solar industry. He promotes positivity toward solar.” Arnold knows that you can never stop learning in this trade.
    Arnold enjoys his city as much as he enjoys his job. He is very intrigued with the local art community. On his off time he likes to go see local artwork being showcased at different venues or local events. He also has a love for animals, to be more specific, his dog Luna. “She is a super awesome dog and friendly!”
    However, Arnold can’t seem to stay away from the innovated technology that is indeed used throughout the solar industry. He likes to fly. Not small aircrafts. Not kites. He likes to fly drones. “I’ll fly the drones for the jobs that we have done at South Texas Solar Systems.” He has been a drone operator for two years and says he picked it up naturally. He thinks playing video games helped.
    Arnold is definitely a go-getter and a great asset to his team. –lv

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