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Industry Folks - Brittany Holmes, Big City Access

image Brittany Holmes, Administrative Assistant, Big City Access, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Born and raised on the east side, about a good stone’s throw from the Wheatley Courts, Brittany is an incredible woman. As she puts it, growing up there was not a walk in the park.






    “It was challenging. I could easily be living an entirely different life. My old neighborhoods weren’t the best and the temptation to do all the things you shouldn’t be doing was there daily. I was blessed that my family kept me on track. My mom worked hard to provide for my sisters and I. Did we have the best of everything? No, but it was never because she didn’t try. I have a family and a strong network of friends that just wanted better for me. I wanted better for me. So even though I lived in those environments, I never became a product of its negatively.”
     As time went on, she spent a lot of her time on the northeast side and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2008. She is currently attending college and is working very hard to complete her bachelors degree in architecture.  
     A newly wed of two months, Holmes met her husband, Dirrick, a few times before they really got to know each other talking online. “He challenged me to a game of pool, I took him up on it…he lost very badly our first date! Shooting pool together is our thing. We play once or twice a week. We have been through a lot together. Every time he has stepped up and showed me how amazing he is. I love my husband!
    In February 2017, Holmes and her then boyfriend, Dirrick, were shocked to discover she was pregnant. Neither thought they could have kids. And as life so often does, it threw her yet another surprise. They found out she was carrying twins.  Unfortunately, God decided he needed their angels more.
    “I lost my children in my first trimester. We named them Skylar and Zion. It was hard and still is. They mattered to me. So I always talk about them.”
    Holmes got into construction by luck she says. Her branch manager actually trained her in martial art.  Prior to working for Big City Access, she was a banker. And after a spectacular blaze of glory, she left the banking world in sheer frustration. A once top representative for a banking company, found herself at square one, after years of financial stability. Bills still needed to be paid. She struggled, working at a grocery store when her branch manager’s wife told her Big City Access needed a receptionist. “I dove on that application faster than a burning man racing to water. I went through the hiring process the same as anyone. I was selected and I have worked hard to make sure Ben Cantu, my branch manager, doesn’t regret it. He took a chance on me, so I work hard to make sure the branch runs as efficiently as possible. I love these guys. They look tough, but are giant softies.”
     Holmes works out a lot, training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with aspirations of fighting one day. -cmw

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